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Organizational Structure


Policy ​gr​oup

​Provincial Representative ​
Local Government
​​Bowinn Ma​​
Minister of E​mergency Management and Climate Rea​diness, Government of British Columbia
George Harvie
Board Chair, Metro Vancouver Regional District, Mayor, City of Delta

Steeri​ng committee​

​​Provincial RepresentativeLocal Government
​​ Tara Ric​hards
Provincial Co-Chair/Deputy Minister, Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness
Serena Lusk
Local Co-Chair/CAO, City of Richmond
Rod Allen
Acting Executive Director, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Leon Gous
CAO, City of Burnaby
Rob Byers
Assistant Deputy Minister & Executive F​inancial Officer, Ministry of Health
Jerry Dobrovolny (Ravi Chhina)
Commissioner/CAO (Deputy CAO), Metro Vancouver Regional District
Marjike Edmondson
Strategic Advisor, Ministry of Municipal Affairs
Charmaigne Pflugrath
Emergency Management Coordinator, City of Burnaby


Dorit Mason
Director, Safety, Emergency & Environment Management, Translink
Ken Meeks
Senior Regional Manager (SWE), Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness
Scott Blessin
Senior Director, Lower Mainland Fire Safety & Emergency Management, HEMBC
Bill Duvall
Director, Corporate Safety, Security & Emergency Management, Metro Vancouver Regional District

Support team

Leanne Black
IPREM Senior Project Manager
Shannon McLachlan
IPREM Senior Project Manager
Shannon Peterson​
IPREM Senior Project Manager

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